The confidence to grow your social reach.


I’m Abbie, a social media consultant with 7 years experience in content creation, social strategy and audience growth for solo influencers, small channels and brands.

About me

I have a proven track record building and engaging loyal communities.
I help small businesses reach their target audiences to grow a strong base of followers and customers. 

I’m passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge in social media to help individuals gain confidence to reach their goals. 


Let’s get started!

Step 1 

Detailed 1:1 consultation to discuss your business aims and goals to determine how an online presence can help grow your business. 

Step 2 

Identify and understand your audience to gain clarity on your online message. 

Step 3 

Together, we’ll analyse your current social media strategy and identify the most effective course of action. 

Don’t worry if some of these ideas are new to you. My aim is to guide you through the world of social media giving you as much help as you require.  


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